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Traffic Symbols and Explanation for Australia

On this page:
        • Regulatory signs
        • Warning signs
        • Advisory signs
        • Stock signs
        • Warning triangles for crashes and breakdowns
        • Variable message signs
        • Motorway signs
        • Priority for buses
        • Temporary roadwork signs 
Regulatory signs

Administrative signs let you know about laws that must be complied.

With the exception of STOP, GIVE WAY and ROUNDABOUT signs, most administrative signs are rectangles. They are generally dark on a white foundation. Infrequently they additionally have a shading, for example, red. Some stopping signs are green on white. 

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Warning signs

Cautioning signs let you know that there may be risks ahead. They are normally dark on a yellow foundation and are for the most part precious stone molded.

Pictures, outlines and images are utilized to alarm you to peril.

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Advisory Signs:
Admonitory rate signs are some of the time utilized together with different signs. They demonstrate the most extreme speed that is safe in great conditions.

Some of the time different signs are utilized together with notice signs to prompt on to what extent you ought to pay special mind to a specific danger.
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Stock Signs:

When you see a sign with a photo of a creature, or words, for example, 'stock intersection', you may be drawing closer creatures on or close to the street.

You must back off or stop to abstain from slamming with them. Fines apply on the off chance that you don't comply with these signs. 

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 Warning triangles for crashes and breakdowns
Vehicles with a GVM more than 12 tons must place at least three notice triangles in breakdown circumstances. See Heavy Vehicle Drivers' Handbook for points of interest 

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 Variable message signs

Variable Message Signs are large electronic signs placed on the side of some roads.

They display messages to warn motorists of changes in normal traffic conditions on the road ahead, such as fog, crashes, road works, congestion and road closures.

These early warnings help provide a safe and efficient traffic flow.

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 Motorway signs

Motorway signs give information about the start and end of a motorway and the exits from a motorway.

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 Priority for buses

In a built-up area a bus that has a GIVE WAY sign displayed and signals its intention to pull out from its stopping place, has priority over other traffic, traveling in the left lane or left line of traffic.

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 Temporary roadwork signs

These signs are used at roadworks. Slow down, look out for any hazards and be prepared to stop. You must obey any signal from a traffic controller and give way to any worker.

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