Thursday, 4 June 2015

How to Drive a Car-Raj Safe Driving School

Driving School

Step 1:
To turn on the auto push in the grasp the distance while turning the key

Step 2:
To set off push in the grip and select first apparatus

Step 3:
Slowly let out the grip and give it gas. 
Driving School
Step 4:
To do a slope begin put on the handbrake

Step 5:
Place it in apparatus and it give gas while letting out grip.

Step 6:
Remove the handbrake and go 

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Step 7:
To change between any apparatus put the grip in

Step 8:
Pick the apparatus.

Step 9:
Let out the grasp gradually and give it gas

Step 10:
To improve gas mileage change gear at a lower rpm.

Step 11:
To take off quick, develop the revs with the grasp in and first rigging chose. 
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Step 12:
Let out the grip as quick as could be expected under the circumstances while putting the gas out there.

Step 13:
Change gear at the red line or wherever you think the most measure of force will originate from. To go as quick as could be expected under the circumstances roll out every rigging improvement as snappy as you can by putting in the grasp, evolving apparatus, and putting the gas the distance on as quick as possible

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